Fresenius Carl Remigius Fresenius

tradition of more than 165 years

1848    Foundation of Chemical Laboratory Fresenius by Carl Remigius Fresenius
1960    Fresenius Institute becomes the market leader in product and environment analysis          

1989    Development of new technical solutions in gas sampling and measurement

1992    Foundation of Fresenius Umwelttechnik GmbH

2005    Foundation of EazyClean Technologies GmbH

2008    Foundation of EazyClean Japan

2009    Atlantik Makina Turkey becomes Partner

2010    Koblenz & Partner Russia becomes Partner

2012    Permac machinery USA becomes Partner

2013    i-Dryclean design for all EazyClean products

2014    EazyClean supplies “The Olympic dry cleaning machine” for Sochi2014